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And now, post #3

Today, let’s talk about how I am going to die.

We have a “Health and Wellness” fair going on here at work. The atrium in our building has been taken over by other companies, each in a booth, and they are giving out gifts in exchange for our listening to them.

One of the activities is a “wellness checkup”. They draw a little blood, take a few measurements, and determine how healthy you are.

I’m a dead man walking.

My blood pressure is a little high, my bone density is a little low, cholesterol is right at the point where I need to manage it, and apparently, I’m a fat fuck.

Did I mention that I smoke?

So… if I never update again, it’s because I died.


WordPress 2.0 – my take on it

I’ve been running the latest version of the insanely popular blog, WordPress, for a few days now, and I thought I’d toss out to my audience of 2 people (yeah… I’m all popular and stuff) what I thought of it.

Turn ons:

  • The backend is pretty. Far more so than wp1.5, but pretty doesn’t mean squat on the back end.
  • They put the “upload” screen on the “write” screen. Thank you!!
  • Long walks on the sand with that special “someone”
  • The fact that you can resize things like the post and edit screen’s text boxes to the size of your liking by simply grabbing the corner and dragging it down (this rocks!)
  • Post preview!!!! OMFG!!! It shows you what things are going to look like with your theme before you publish it (so if you goofed up on how a bullet list looks in your CSS, you’ll know before the rest of the world does!)
  • It has bells and whistles galore! Of course, I never used 90% of them before, but hell… now I can say I don’t use 98% of them

Turn offs:

  • I’m not wild about the WYSIWYG “write post” screen. Occasionally hitting the delete or backspace key will send me to the top of the post I’m writing, and I’ll have to scroll down to get to the end (but there is a work around for it).
  • Mean people.

And there you go. One highly critical review from yours truely, sutable for framing. As you can see, I really do like it… but then I’ve been a serious fan-boy of wordpress after the horror that was MovableType (well… it wasn’t that bad).


Oh… oh my!

<bows again>


Welcome to

Yup…. that’s me, Tone Parsons.

This blog may or may not have anything interesting to say in the future.  Right now, it’s just for testing.

All could go away at any time.

So… until either somehting exciting happens or I dump the whole thing, click here for entertainment.


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