All I want for Christmas™ is…..

It’s that time of year again… that time when I put out both of my hands and say “Pleeeeeease!!!”.

For those of you who are looking to dump stupid amounts of money on their favorite web dude, I’ve prepared a list for you!  What?  I’m not your favorite web dude?  Well, spend stupid amounts on me anyway!


Here’s a wish list of sorts for your consideration:


Oh man… I loves me some music.  One can never EVER have enough.  One band I don’t have any CD’s from (and that’s on ly because I can’t seem to find them locally) is Icehouse.  Any album(s) will do.


I really only have one request on DVD… and it’s a damn big one.  But you love me more than any other web monkey, don’t you?  Yes you do!  That’s why I’m asking for Stargate SG-1, The Complete Series Collection

Computer Stuffs

Ok… this is where the list get’s pretty cheap, all things considered.  I really need a new mouse pad and a larger thumb drive (an 8GB would be great!!!).  These items have links to where they are on the web… and they’re both dirt damn cheap!!

There’s a lot of other stuff I’d like, but any of those items would make me very, VERY happy.  And a happy webmaster posts happy content.

You do like happy content, don’t you?  Of course you do!

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