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Life in the age of pandemic

It’s been a couple of months, mostly because I did take the plunge back into the dark murky soup of despair that is social media.

It’s just as shit as I remember, even more so since the world changed. Add to that the polarized opinions that fall along party lines about the murder of George Floyd (and subsequent riots) and social media has become completely intolerable.

Perhaps I expect too much.

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Aaaaaaaaand I’m bored.

I may have to break my self imposed exile from social media. I still hate it, the unending sharing of the same memes, lack of simple fact checking, and constant bombardment of data harvesting “games” and targeted political garbage, but I miss the social interaction. Lets face it…. blogs and forums are cold product. In the past month, I’ve had exactly 0 comments posted here, and the same number of comments and posts over on Damaged People.

So, I may be returning to the shit machine sometime in the near future. Until then, here’s a pic of a fart machine (which isn’t much different)

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Well… that didn’t talk long.

Apparently, there are only 121 episodes of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”… and I’ve watched them already. The purpose of the series is to fill in the blanks between Episode 2 and Episode 3 of the movie franchise, but they do a bit more than that.

For example: you get to see the ship used by the Mandalorian (in the series by the same name) in season 2, episode 17: “Bounty Hunters” . They also show how Boba Fett’s ship, Slave One, is passed around by a few owers prior to it’s appearance in the movie “The Empire Strikes Back”.

I realize that this is all quite nerdy, but then again, concider the source. Also, to cement the notion that I am a complete nerd: the model I built: Wing Gundam Zero: Mobile Suit XXXG-00W0. Yes, I still have optional decals to apply if I choose too, but I’m thinking I like it the way it is.

I have a few more models to build, but they’re mostly ‘Master Grade’, so they’ll take a lot longer to do. 🙂

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Time for break.

I’ve decided that Facebook is bad for me in far too many ways to list, so I’m cutting my ties with it (for now, at least).

In it’s place, I’m going to fill my time with building models, watching all 132 episodes of “The Clone Wars” on Disney+, and attempting to once again learn to play the guitar (a life long dream). Less wak, more zen.. that’s the goal at least. I guess that means that if you want to see my personal mix of calorie free mental diarrhea, you can either come here or head over to… that is, if I ever post on either site.

Until then, here’s a picture of a kitten with a smile.

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