8 thoughts on “Have I mentioned that I’m fickle yet?”

  1. I like the nice and clean look this one has but then again I liked the other too. Are you going to make a revolving picture at the top?

    Eve will appreciate the auto entry.

  2. Yeah baby! 😀 Auto-entry is teh cooool.

    I was considering this theme myself (after properly girlyfying the colour scheme of course) I dig the little date boxes for each post and the left-hand menu too.

    This one has my vote so far!

  3. I’m going to add a few images of myself in the “photo” part and set them to rotate with each load.

    I’m also gonna tweak with fonts and colors. By the time I’m finished, it will probobly not look a whole lot like it does now… and then I’ll replace it with something else.

    Yeah… totally fickle.

  4. Hehe… according to a brain sex test I took at the bbc’s website, I am a woman.

    I guess that’s why I like films like The English Patient and Sliding Doors (and dislike the typical guy films).

  5. I love this theme – what is it?

    And the sex id test – interesting to look at the results – my overall score was about 20 on the male side, but looking at the individual sections that I believe more accurately reflect male/female dominance I was more skewed towards feminine results. For instance the eye test I got 10 out of 10 which is supposed to be a female thing. Other empathising tests were high as well.

    However, the more “intelligence” based tests I also scored fairly well – angles I got 18/20 and 3d shapes I got 20/20. My concern with them establishing these based on sex is that they’re also based on IQ, and if you have a higher IQ you’ll do well regardless of what sex you are, and same goes if you have a lower IQ – it will hinder your answering those questions.

    And of course, the Word test was a complete bollocks – answering in the ranges they indicated (not going to say it here as it spoils the test for others), is supposed to indicate that you’re more male or female, but I would expect a lot of people experienced with writing would be able to go over the top of both ranges regardless of sex.

    So, I’m in two minds… heh, as Eve would attest, that probably shows my feminine side clearly. 🙂

  6. The theme is called Travelogue by Josh Lyman, and it’s all kinds of spiffy to me.

    Of course, there will be massive changes to the css and php to make it my own, but it does give me a good foundation to build on.

    BTW – excelent Sir name!

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