Tone Parsons

It’s Superbowl Sunday

The game kicks off in about 50 minutes, so I have that long to get off my fat ass and walk next door for my neighbors Superbowl party.

I’m not a sports fan, but it’s fun to watch the commercials (they’re usually quite funny) and, as always, it’s an excuse to drink beer.

I’m all about option number 2!

I did drag my baby out of the garage today, washed the dust and cat paw prints off of it, and take it out for my first ride of the year. Of course, it was only 50 degrees (10 celsius) out, so I didn’t go very far or very fast (it was mighty cool on the skin out there!).

Yup... she's a pretty thing Kuryakyn ISO Grips with Stiletto Tips
She’s a 2000 Yamaha Royal Star Boulevard Kuryakyn ISO grips with stiletto tips… wicked sexy!!

The image above is a little old. I put on new pipes last year and had the carbs re-jetted (she’s a little louder and a lot quicker now). I’ve also replaced the grips with Kuryakyn ISO grips with stiletto tips. Now that’s sexy!


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  1. Eve February 5th, 2006 9:53 pm

    So… any wardrobe malfunctions this time? OMG we thought that was hillarious down here last year – the land that thrives on brutality and no holds barred gore and murder in film-making freaks out about a breast for heaven’s sakes 😀

    Also, re the handlebar thingy, they look dangerous! Don’t be falling off and having the bike land on you kthx.

  2. bio February 6th, 2006 8:32 am

    The only malfunctions during the game this year happened in the brains of the referees. They made a lot of very questionable calls against Seattle and didn’t make the same calls against Pittsburg. Basically, they handed Pittsburg the game.

    As for the stiletto tips on the grips… yeah, I’d hate to gore myself. So… the plan is to not lay it down 🙂