Tone Parsons

The Superbowl and my take on it.

As everyone knows, the Superbowl was yesterday.

The Seahawks were the team I was rooting for (as they’re local and have never been to the game in their 40 years of existence). Sadly… I was on the wrong side of things.

The game itself was farily horrible. The referees appeared to be making one-sided calls. They might as well handed the Steelers the trophy at the beginning and saved me 4 hours of pain. Had the game been overseen by different officials, I think that the outcome would have been totally different.

As for the half-time show… dear mother of God! Give me Janet Jackson’s nipple any day! Seeing Mick Jager bump and grind his 63 year old hips to the occasionally muted lyrics of “Start me Up”, “Satisfaction” and “Rough Justice” (gotta censor those naughty innuendos) was enough to make me ill. Seriously.

Even the commercials were tame this year (with a few exceptions). FedEx (caveman), Ameriquest (that killed him), and Bud Light (secret fridge) were about the highlight of it. You can watch them all here.

In review: it sucked the big chalupa… sideways.

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