Valentines Day, a preemptive strike

Valentines day is coming and I thougt I was prepared.

I went to the jewlery store, looked at what they had, and made a decision: 1/2 carrot (total weight) diamond solitare earings in white gold.

They’re very shiny and sparkly and stuff, and I knew she’d love them. Unfortunately, I’m a complete doof and couldn’t wait to see her open them, so I gave them to her last night.

Crap…. now I have to buy something else for Valentines day.

Diamonds are forever (at least you pay for them that long!)

2 thoughts on “Valentines Day, a preemptive strike”

  1. Thanks!

    Today she got a dozen long stem red roses and a box of nice chocolates (not that nasty mass produced crap that was made 6 months ago).

    Of course, I had them delivered to her office 🙂

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