A fool and his money

The powerball jackpot has risen once again to insane heights.

Of course, being the dork who’s bad at math that I am, I picked up $20 worth of tickets.

With a grand prize of 365 million dollars, it’s a tempting prize. Of course, if I wanted to forgo the 30 annual annuity payments (which I would), that number gets reduced to a one time $177.3 million cash payout. Seriously, if you can’t double your money in 30 years… you’re an idiot.

How will you know if I win? You won’t. I wont tell anyone, lest everyone and their dog descend on me with their hands held out and horror stories of how their grandmother/wife/son/daughter needs some life saving/deformity removing/totally un-needed cosmetic surgery.

So… as a pre-emptive strike, let me just say this: the money is for my kids, so no…. you may not have any.

Of course, I have to win it first 🙂

6 thoughts on “A fool and his money”

  1. Sorry to tell you this but I have the winning numbers!
    I always buy $3 worth every week and this is my week (I am due). I will tell you when I win but don’t expect a dime as it will all be going to me, not the kids.

  2. You’re both wrong…my mom is going to win. It’s her time…she has been waiting for this or publisher’s clearing house.

  3. oh come ON, surely you could fling a coupla bux down to a poor inhabitant of “the colonies”?

    After all, the only reason I have been cultivating our friendship IS incase you win an insane lottery jackpot.

    In any case, you don’t have to tell anyone, you don’t even have to tell me! Just send a cheque.



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