Making changes

I’ve made a couple changes to the blog.

Rotating images in the upper left corner (yeah… I’m a dork) and a favicon.ico that’s totally lame.

I’m still unhappy with the overall look/feel of the place and will be tweaking the CSS to get the colors just right, then I’ll pry just scrap it all and start over.

I do that… a lot.

I just noticed that I typed “pry” instead of “probobly”.  Me thinks I’ve spent too much time on IRC.

3 thoughts on “Making changes”

  1. I DO hope you’ll put the picture of you wearing that lovely dress (well at least one of the MANY pictures of you in dresses) in the rotation.

    Oh, and I have a nice photo of your butt too if you need it. You have but to ask!


  2. Just for you, Eve… I’ve added in 10 more pics (including me in drag… but just one like that).

    Sorry… no butt pics allowed! 🙂

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