Tone Parsons

Last minute preparations

I’m trying to get ready for the trip to Boston.

I fly out on Monday morning and I still have a few things to do. I’m missing one software package (the BEA Weblogic), but I’ve been promised that It’ll be there today. I hope so… or I’ll have nothing to do once I get there.

I did pull up a google map of where I’m staying and where I need to be (to set up the servers). Fortunately, they’re very close to each other (about 6 blocks), so I can walk. Renting a car in Boston isn’t my idea of fun (the traffic is insane, and it’s very hard to find parking).

I also took the guided tour of the hotel, the Double Tree Downtown. It looks swanky and stuffs (click for a larger view)
The DoubleTree Downtown - Boston What my room will look like The all important hotel bar

They also have an indoor sports facility and workout room, but I’ll be too busy drinking beer and smoking cigarettes to check them out (priorities are important!)

I’ll be posting lots and lots of pictures while I’m there (they have high speed internet in the room) and will probably bring the webcam too (because I’m all narcissistic and stuff).

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