Tone Parsons

If the shoe fits….

I spent the last few days trying to track down a new pair of shoes.

I’m not big on shopping. Before I head out, I know what I want, where to find it, and how much it’s going to cost me. I don’t like suprises.

Unfortunately, I had my heart set on one particular pair: Dr. Marten’s 8053ZDFM, size 13 US (12 UK).

The shoes were easy to find, if I didn’t care about the size. But there’s no point in buying shoes that don’t fit, so I was forced to drive all over damn town. After hitting two malls and half a dozen shoe stores, I finally found them at Nordstrom’s (for $89.99). Not only were they the only ones who had them in my size, they were also the only store that was giving away free stuff with a purchase (I got a Dr. Marten’s hat).

Dr. Marten's 8053ZFDM shoes.  Yeah... I love 'em!

Sure… a post about shoes, from a man… seems kinda lame.  But damn it… I really wanted these shoes!

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