Tone Parsons

Boston…. day 1

It’s my first day in “bean town”.

Other than the fact that there seems to be a hella lot of trash in the gutters, it seems like a nice place.

The hotel has clean rooms, but the food totally sucks.  I had a steak last night that was absolutely the most flavorless 14oz piece of beef I’ve ever had in my life.  Tonight’s dinner wasn’t much better.

Goal for tomorrow: find someplace else to eat.

I’ve been having problems with dial-up to work, so my manager told me to go a head and pay for the “high speed” wireless connection they offer at the hotel.  Sure… wireless isn’t quite as spiffy as a hard wired drop, but apparently, they’re having issues with it at the hotel tonight, so it’s free.

Free is damn good!

So the cam is up for now.  You may or may not see me in my room, as I’m probobly going to wander off down town to see if there’s a bar that doesn’t charge $5 for a beer and has more than two bored business travelers in it.

One nice thing about my location: China Town is 2 blocks away!  I’m thinking that Chinese food is most definately on the menu for tomorrow.

My first day with the client went well.  We got the application and web servers set up with little fuss.  The database server, on the other hand, is proving to be an absolute bitch.  There are a few patches we need that are apparently difficult to find (thank you, Oracle, for making a website that requires a PHD in DBA to navigate!).

I still haven’t taken any pictures, but the minute I do, BAM! Up to the website they go!

Oh… and for those who aren’t keeping track, my forum (damaged people) is just shy of 20,000 posts.  I pitty the fool who takes the honor of post #20,000 away from me (because I’ll just delete their post and replace it with my own) 🙂

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  1. Jeanne March 14th, 2006 7:02 pm


    Did you know that the JFK memorial library is in Boston. I don’t know if you are interested but it might be interesting. Have fun and be careful.