Boston – Day 2 (part 2)

It’s been a long damn day.

We worked until past 7 tonight (going ’round and ’round in circles… *sigh*). I finally had enough and went out for a smoke. When I returned, they had decided to do what I was praying they would, and actual progress was made. We’ll pick it up tomorrow.

I left the client’s office and walked to a diner on the corner. Apparently, they don’t sell beer, so they suggested I go to a pub a block away. I did… they don’t serve food.


So, I walked back to the hotel and asked if there was anyplace cool to go for dinner AND have a drink (besides the hotel… because the food there kinda sucks). They suggested the Hard Rock Cafe.

Now that sounded good! Well… not really that good. I’ve been to a Hard Rock before, and much like Hooters…. you don’t really go there for the food.

But like the sheep I am, I asked for directions and began my sojourn into the city. After walking about 8 blocks in the wrong direction, I got the psudo-correct directions. 40 minutes later, I was there.

For those who’ve never been to a Hard Rock Cafe, let me describe it: It’s loud, they play music videos, they sell medocre food, and they sell expensive touristy crap.

I spent $90 on 4 t-shirts.

After walking back to the hotel (about a mile and a half) with my bags of t-shirts, I had a couple of beers and decided it hit the sack (that’s right about now).

Enjoy my shirts!

Stupid money spent on crappy shirts