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Boston – Day 5 (part 1)


I went back out last night, found a nice pub (a place called The Intermission), and decided that I was goning to have a good time. I actually did 🙂

A couple who happen to be from Seattle sat down next to me. We talked a little, tried to decide what was in these huge clear jars on the bar (I guessed embalming fluid and pepperjack cheese…. apparently it was vodka and pineapple, my bad). Next thing I know, we were drinking car bombs (take half a glass of Guinness and drop a shot glass of irish whiskey and baley’s irish cream into it). While they taste very, VERY good… they make your whole world turn upside down after you consume 4 or so of them.

While my world wasn’t exactly upside down, it was most definitely leaning to one side pretty severely.

This morning I woke up early (because Mr. Stupid Head forgot to turn off the alarm clock in his room as well as the one he programmed into his cell phone), and decided that I better do something besides lay in the hotel room all day (which is truely what I wanted to do when I work up… bad Guinness…. BAD!!). So, I got up, walked down to McDonalds, got some greasy food in my belly, and prepared for my day.

I took the train (which is a subway downtown) out to the Boston Brewing Company and did a tour of the place.

It’s not quite what I expected.

They don’t actually brew the beer you drink there, it’s more of an experimental brewery where they try new things. The beer you buy in stores is brewed in one of many huge breweries located all over the US.

When I got there, I was the only one there for the tour (well… I was early). About 20 minutes later, 4 more people showed up. It was looking like it was going to be a quite tour with just the five of us. That’s when the tour bus rolled into the lot. Out of it came about 50 people from some motorcycle club. They were loud, they were obnoxious, and they were kinda funny.

We did the tour (I only took a few pictures… they’re here)

After the tour was over, they gave us some free beer (this made the tour group even louder and more obnoxious) and then I hit the gift shop. I got myself a t-shirt and nifty bottle opener, and picked up a tap handle for my friend Jess (it’s a real one…. not some cheap piece of crap). I’m hoping he likes it…. if not, I’ll beat him with it.

Then, I spent the day wandering around boston… but that’s another post (which I’ll write in a while).

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