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Boston – Day 6

Today is day 6 of my 8 day stay (technically, it really should only count as 7, since I have to be at the airport at 5:30am on day 8).

As per the previous post, I discovered that Blue Man Group was here and playing about 2 blocks from my hotel (I’m right in the middle of the theatre district). I walked over at 11:00am when the ticket counter opened and managed to snag a great seat that was pretty close to the stage (but not so close that I had to cover myself with plastic… more on that in a minute).

I really had no idea what to expect when I went there. I did, however, notice a large number of people who brought their children to the show… some of them quite young (they provided booster seats for them).

To give you an idea of the size of the Charles Playhouse, think small (If you live in Spokane, think The Met). There are no bad seats in the house. I was 20 feet back with a full view of everything.

The staff handed out 4 foot pieces of toilet paper and everyone started tying it around their heads (like a sweat band). I have no idea why, but like the sheep I am, I ran with it (I still have no idea why we did this).

The show started with some LED signs in the corners by the stage scrolling funny stuff… talking about special guests in the audience and asking them to stand and be recognized for various things (winning the Pulitzer prize, mapping the human genome, etc). The must have pulled peoples names from the credit card sales, they would stand, we would yell whatever the LED sign told us to, then they would sit down again.

When the Blue Man Group took to the stage, it was a mixture of music, comedy, and pure bizarre behavior. I found my self laughing even at the odd and uncomfortable circumstances they placed themselves in.

They beat on drums that they kept pouriing colored liquid on (which is why those up front need to cover with plastic), threw things at each other, and played their wacky PVC insturments.

Oh… and if you ever go to see these guys… be warned: there WILL BE audience participation. They jump off the sage, grab you, and you can expect to spend a while up there why they do the odd things they do. It’s quite entertaining! Also… don’t be late to the show…. they were about 10 minutes into it and suddenly the musis stopped, the screen behind them announced a late arrival, and a spotlight followed a couple in. The Blue Man Group just stared at them until they were seated, then continued the show.

The show ended with the biggest toilet paper frenzy I’ve ever seen. I was buried in it… it flowed like a river over me and toward the stage. You can’t help but laugh as your grabbing the veritable wave of paper that comes from behind your and pushing it onto the row in front of you (eventually it all ends up on the stage)… all the while the music is blasting, strobe lights are flashing, and the Blue Man Group is dancing.

It was most cool! 🙂

Oh… and here’s a few more pictures of my walk today (mostly around Boston Common, and not as many as yesterday, but damn it… my legs are still tired).

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