Tone Parsons

Boston – Day 7

Today is my last full day in bean-town.  It started rather damn early today, as the fire alarm in the hotel went off at 4:00 am, followed by a request to vacate the building via the PA (there’s a speaker in every room).

We all got dressed and assembled outside (where it was damn cold).

30 minutes later, the fire department gave an “all clear” and we were allowed back in (it was a malfunction with the fire detection system).


I did manage to finally fall back to sleep around 5:30am so I got another hour and a half of sleep.  I guess it wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t up until midnight working on my laptop.

I left it connected to the hotels network during the day.  Apparently, I had a share open with full privileges (for a co-worker to dump files into).  Someone else using the hotel’s wi-fi must have a damn dirty PC, because when I came back, teaTimer (a little utility I have installed that warns you when  something is trying to modify the registry) was going nuts.

It took a while to get it off my laptop (and yes… that share is now closed).

I also created a new account on my laptop that has very few rights on the system (basically… it can run Firefox, Cisco VPN, and Outlook).  That’s going to be my account of choice from now on when I travel.

No big plans for tonight.  I’ll probably head to the  Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner (I went there last night and it was OMG fantastic!!).  I had the tenderloin, stuffed with roasted garlic and served with white cheddar mashed potatoes and green beans.  Tonight, I’m having the “Texas Fire steak”.  They have good beer too.  The Northstar Amber was fantastic (the IPA and Stout were less so).

If anything exciting happens today, I’ll post it, but the highlight of my day will be cramming everything I bought on the trip into my suitcases with everything I brought with me.  It’s gonna be a tight fit! 🙂

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