Tone Parsons

It’s 3 AM eternal

Around 11pm last night I was just getting ready to go to bed… then my phone rang.

It was Amy, the woman who works the graveyard shift in my department. Apparently, she’s quite ill and didn’t know who to call.

There must be something wrong with me because I said I’d take care of it. I’m second on the list to call, the guy who’s first on the list has tomorrow off as a personal day, so she didn’t want to call him (we need our days off from time to time).

So…. I had a quick 2 hour nap, brewed some wickedly strong coffee, and got in my car. I arrived here at 2:10 am (nearly hitting 2 deer on the way in… what’s with the deer playing chicken with cars at that time of the morning anyway?).


I don’t miss doing this shift. It is the giant pile of suck that I remember it to be.

Working this shift also screws me for next week. I had planned on taking it off. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to finish the FTPS install and test the firewall for the servers I flew to Boston for by the end of today, and our network guy is off on Friday… so I need to do it on Monday. I also have to come in on Wednesday to do an upgrade to another server (that’s the day it has to be done).

Of course, I keep trying to schedule a week off, and it keeps getting bumped (I’m the one who bumps it… I have work to do). Scouts honor… I will take some time off this year. I’m to the “use it or lose it” point with vacation hours…. you can only carry over 240 to the next year. I’m currently just below that and acquiring another 4.62 hours every two weeks.


I need more coffee.

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