5 thoughts on “Ok… now I’m confused!”

  1. Dear Tone,

    You suck. I now have a severe headache…

    Let’s just call it fucking magic and move on. 馃檪

  2. Poor Tone

    Even your mother in law can figure it out. They simply turned the gold piece upside down. This leaves the empty space and in order to match things up they moved the green piece to the bottom and the red to the top.The number of spaces remain the same. :}

  3. I took this problem to a scientific consultation group (okay, an IRC channel full of geeks)..

    .:19路36路01:. 芦@aWi禄 look closely
    .:19路36路03:. 芦@aWi禄 at the left side
    .:19路36路12:. 芦@aWi禄 see the slope of the hypotenuse?
    .:19路36路18:. 芦@aWi禄 its different
    .:19路36路25:. 芦@aWi禄 thats where the extra space comes from
    .:19路36路49:. 芦@aWi禄 think it was that
    .:19路36路50:. 芦@aWi禄 cant rmember
    .:19路36路51:. 芦@aWi禄 =/
    .:19路36路57:. 芦@Nightweaver禄 yeah, the gradient of the two triangles is slightly different
    .:19路36路59:. 芦lamwai禄 your brain is impressing eve?
    .:19路37路10:. 芦@Eve禄 it is?
    .:19路37路26:. 芦@Eve禄 they are the same height and length
    .:19路37路36:. 芦eGads禄 the angle isnt the same.
    .:19路37路41:. 芦@Eve禄 so the gradient should be the same shouldn’t it?
    .:19路37路46:. 芦eGads禄 no.
    .:19路37路50:. 芦@Eve禄 how
    .:19路38路00:. 芦@aWi禄 eve
    .:19路38路02:. 芦@aWi禄 compare
    .:19路38路02:. 芦eGads禄 because neither line is ‘straight’
    .:19路38路07:. 芦@aWi禄 the green triangle in bottom
    .:19路38路12:. 芦eGads禄 the top one is convex… really really slightly.
    .:19路38路15:. 芦eGads禄 the bottom one is concave.
    .:19路38路20:. 芦@aWi禄 see how in 3rd block along it meets with the line
    .:19路38路22:. 芦eGads禄 i know this is for circles, but thats the direction of the bump.
    .:19路38路32:. 芦eGads禄 its really really slight.
    .:19路38路37:. 芦@aWi禄 (the gradient coincides with a line, a thte exact corner of the green block
    .:19路38路43:. 芦@Eve禄 bastards, trickery!
    .:19路38路44:. 芦@aWi禄 now, look @ the top one, a tthat spot
    .:19路38路44:. 芦@Nightweaver禄 the small triangle has a gradient of 2:5, the large one is 3:8
    .:19路38路59:. 芦@Nightweaver禄 it’s a cool trick, though
    .:19路39路00:. 芦eGads禄 the easiest one to tell it on is 3 spares right, 1 square up. the very small triangle.
    .:19路39路09:. 芦eGads禄 its tiny on the red, significantly larger on the green.

  4. It’s an optical illusion. We’re not looking at a big triangle here in the first image. Its a very slight angle change going on. Its more visible in the second diagram.

    The most visible, besides the space, is on the green triangle, compared against the red triangle, on the second image. 3 squares right, 1 square up, on both diagrams, from the left point.

  5. Thanks for the replies on this!

    I showed it to a couple of engineers here at work. They both figured it out pretty quickly (geeks!).

    As they explained it to me: the z axis (slope) of the red and green triangles is not the same.聽 This creates a thin area (a divot, so to speak) along the top of the upper image that’s hard to see (the grid helps hide it).聽 When you switch them around, that space manifests itself as the square that appears in the lower image.

    If you have a flat screen monitor, hold a ruler up against the upper edge of the upper image and you’ll see it.

    Basically… it’s an optical illusion, and a damn clever one at that! 馃檪

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