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Possible changes are afoot

There comes a time when you need to change certain parts of your life. I’m at one of these crossroads right now.

Sure… this is just a teaser, because I’m not gonna say what’s up. Give me a few weeks, then I’ll spill it.

My 2000 Yamaha Royalstar Boulevard... still sexy after all these yearsThe 2006 Yamaha Roadliner Midnight... damn... sexy!!

Other items of less than interest: my quest to replace my bike have been thwarted. I was looking at the new Yamaha Roadliner Midnight. She’s drop dead sexy, blacker than a very black thing, and with a 113 cubic inch (1,852 cubic centimeter) engine… she’s got more power than God.

My plan was to sell my old bike (2000 Yamaha RoyalStar Boulevard) and take the extra from what I owe to use as a down. Apparently, I owe more than I thought.

I assumed I was down to about $1,000 remaining on my bike. I really owe about $3,000. Sure, the bike is worth $9,000, but that means I’d have to finance over $10,000 for the new one… and I’m not into that.

My bike will be paid off next year… so I’ll revisit the idea again them.

And finally… apparently, I’m a chatty bitch.

Yup... I'm a chatty bitch

I was looking at Eve’s website (she’s my most favoritest intraweb person in the world!) to see what was up. She has a script that displays the most recent comments on the side. Yup… they’re all me.
She’s a bit under the weather today, so drop on by, read her site (it’s damn entertaining!), and leave her a comment or 12.

Really… she’ll like it! 🙂

Oh… and one more thing: The post I did yesterday about how much I hate livejournal and myspace users, I still feel that way (with a few exceptions). I had to rename 4 images yesterday (and replace them with highly entertaining yet socially unacceptable ones). All 4 were being hotlinked by different blogs on those services (one of the images was being used by 3 of the little smacktards).

This is why I hate them.

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  1. Eve April 22nd, 2006 6:01 am

    You can monopolise my sidebar ANY TIME you want.