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And yet more on my logs

I noticed something odd as well in my server logs…. I’m getting quite a few hits from the country of Seychelles.

I know what you’re saying right now…. “where the hell is Seychelles!?!”.

That would be a valid question, as I’d never heard of the place (and had to look it up).

Here’s what I found out (according to the CIA’s World Fact Book):

  • It’s in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar
  • The island nation is 455 sq km in size
  • It has a population of ~81,500 people
  • They speak Creole.

Seychelles from high up Seychelles the island nation

Now…. why they’re hitting the site is beyond me… but I guess I already had an international audience, so the more the merrier!

EDIT: A little more research (just clicking the first damn link google gave me) shows that it’s a vacation destination.  Therefore, it’s probobly just some people who normally read this crap, but they’re on vacation.

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