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Cam’s and letters and band, oh my!

The cam on the site has been changed back to good ol’ ChillCam.

I had been running Dorgem cam software for the past couple of weeks, but it kept dying in the middle of the night (and during the day, and when the wind blew, etc.). I liked it because it was opensource and it had some pretty spiffy features, but I wanted something more stable.

I had been using ChillCam for a long time, but it was an unregistered copy and I was tired of the popup “Dude… you’d be cool if you registered” messages (which open a web page when you close it). I finally figured a way to stop that from happening…. I paid for the program 🙂

It’s only $25, and I have been using it for years (an old version that didn’t shut down after 150 hours). One nice thing about having a registered copy… I can update it from time to time.

Off to other topics….

My eldest son received a letter from school the other day. In thus said letter was a letter. No… not another letter, but a large letter “R” done in purple and white… the kind you put on a letterman’s jacket. He had lettered in academics, and it came complete with a nice certificate. As he’s not the type to put it on a jacket and parade around, I’ll pick up a frame that we can put it and the certificate into. It’ll look cool on his wall.

And finally… band!

Last night was the last band concert of the year for my eldest son. My wife, mother-in-law, and I drove to the high school early go get good seats.  They wanted to sit in the front row so I would have some leg room.  Unfortunately, you can’t see squat from the front row and most of what you can hear is the front rows of the band.

The concert was pretty good.  It started with a few songs from the Jazz Band, then 3 songs from the steel drum squad, 4 songs from orchestra, 3 from band,  and one from all of them.

I would have enjoyed it more if the audience wasn’t full of young kids who decided that the best time to use their cell phones, talk loudly, etc., was when they were playing (a couple of them came close to having a near death experience).

And that’s about it for me today.  Yay!!  Another post of nothing!  I’m getting pretty damn good at doing that.


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  1. Eve May 29th, 2006 12:56 am

    Yeah, actually paying for software makes you feel all snuggly and warm inside doesn’t it? 🙂

    I do think, however, that you need to drop your pants and give us all an opportunity for an updated butt shot. The one I have is totally out of date now, and I am interested whether your butt has wrinkled with age. Purely scientific purposes of course! 😉

  2. Tone Parsons May 29th, 2006 8:31 am

    Well, since my cam is at work, in my cube, I seriously doubt that a shot of my butt will happen any time soon.

    I’ll have to grab the digital camera to satisfy your scientific curiosity.