Tone Parsons

Happy Day of the Beast!

Today is June 6, 2006 (or, 6/6/06).

The world has not ended, a portal to hell has not opened and swallowed us up, George Bush Jr. is still President (2 out of 3 isn’t bad).

You may have noticed that the cam portion of the site isn’t working.  ChillCam decided to blow up on me.  I haven’t figured out what the hell the problem is yet.  I was using the freeware version for years with no issue.  Now that I’ve paid for it… BOOM BABY!!


On a more personal note: my back is trashed.

Working on the water heater last weekend was not good for me.  Yesterday was rough and today is even more so.  I’ve not taken any meds yet, but I’m on the cusp of doing so.  This, of course, makes me very cranky.  The weather is beautiful and I can’t ride my motorcycle.


Hopefully it works itself out by Sunday…. because there is a motorcycle run that I’ve already paid for, and I’m going, come hell or high water (and since today is 6/6/06…. the hell part may come soon).

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