Tone Parsons

I’m on vacation.

Well… I thougt I was.

I made the mistake of checking my work email today (damn my work ethic!!) only to discover that a hot issue is developing.  So… all plans on hold, I need to spend the entire day digging through a database that I have no schema for to find the requested data (I have a list of table names, but no information on the colums, what they’re for, or their inter-relation to each other).


I’m supposed to be getting ready to head down to Portland to see my dad get married (I’m the best man at the wedding).  I have a lot to get done before I hit the road.  I need to pack, pick up the wedding presents (yes… I know what they are and where to get them, I just need to get them), exchange the damn charger for the cell phone (they sold me the wrong one), do the shopping so the kids can eat while I’m gone, etc.

So… I’m waiting until 2 pm today (pacific time) to give the guys on the east coast a chance to look at the request I sent on the database query.  After that, I’ll have to take off and get my things done.

In other news… I spent stupid amounts of money on cell phones yesterday.

My contract was up with Verizon, and they offered a sweet deal for me… a free Motorola RAZR V3c if I’d sign up for another 2 years.  “Hell yeah… I’ll take that!!”.  I picked up my free one and purchased another (for my wife).  This thing kicks ass!  I also got the bluetooth headsets, car chargers, and some sweet leather cases for them.

Now I just need a spiffy ringtone 🙂

The Motorola RAZR V3c

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