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Todays task: fix my laptop.

My work laptop is a Dell Lattitude 610. I’ve got a lovely docking station hooked to a couple of DVI LCD displays (via a StarTech splitter), and a wireless keyboard/mouse combo (so I can move from my sitting desk to my standing desk).

Having a laptop is great because when I’m on the road or take it home, I have all my work files with me (which helps when I get a call after-hours).

Unfortunately, I had a few things that weren’t working on it:

  • ColdFusion MX7 refused to launch (who the hell knows why!)
  • I couldn’t connect to any of our Raritan IP based KVM’s (firewall issue)
  • When ColdFusion did work, the cfchart function refused to work on localhost (a corrupted font).

So… rather than mucking about with it all, I chose to take the easy route:

  • Remove all but the base 19 fonts for XP
  • Uninstall/reinstall Java
  • Uninstall/reinstall ColdFusion
  • Tweak the hell out of the damn firewall

Now it’s all happy again.

Of course, I’m going to have to add my fonts back in, a few at a time, to see which one(s) caused the issues with cfchart (I have and use a lot of fonts). But at least I have a baseline now where everything works properly.

Other news: Pure Shock Value

I’m heading out tomorow tonight to see the Spokane Shock take on the Albany Conquest in arena football. I’ve never been ot one of these before, but I hear the games are quite good (and the Shock are apparently ranked 2nd in the league). I’ll take the digital camera along and see if I can get a few good pictures (anything for content, baby!).

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