Tone Parsons

An end of an era

Today was the day.

I’ve been hosting websites from my home for about 6 years. Durring that time, keeping the script kiddies (mostly from Brazil) out of the box has been my second full-time job.

That all ended at 10 AM this morning.

I moved my domains to Dreamhost (a professional webhost) in January, and have been slowly helping the owners of the other 50 some odd domains I was hosting off my server and on to someplace else (most have also gone to Dreamhost). Today was the day that I shut everything at my house off.

So… now I have to figure out what to do with my webserver.

It’s a dual AMD MP 2800+ with a 3ware 9500s 64bit hardware RAID controler (connected to 4 Seagate Barracuda SATA drives set to RAID5 with a hot swap spare) and comes with an Iomega REV drive for backups (35GB native, 90GB compressed).  The images above were from when it lived in an Antec case, but now it’s in a shiny all aluminum Thermaltake Tsunami

I’m thinking it’ll make a dandy file server for the house.

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