Tone Parsons

A 4th of July to remember

The 4th of July celebration at our place was very low key.

I grilled some kick-ass steaks, we blew off a few fireworks, and then we retired to the deck on the back of my house to drink beers and wait for the big show at the baseball field (which we have a lovely view of).

We got a big show… but it wasn’t from the stadium.

Around 9:30, black nasty clouds rolled in, the wind kicked up, and lightning went everywhere! We did manage to get a few good pictures with our digital cameras (by just repeatedly taking snapshots of the sky… most were just dark pictures, but a few are pretty cool).

Before all hell broke lose Boom! Here comes the Boom! How you like me now?

Clicking on a thumbnail will get you an 800×600 image.  If you want to see larger ones, you can visit psychoducky’s page (he has them full size)

The stadium never did launch it’s fireworks… so maybe they’ll do it at tonights game.  Unfortunately, I’ll be asleep, because I will be working the graveyard shift for the next two nights.

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