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I’m back!

Did you miss me?

We finished our whirl-wind tour of central Washington state and I’m back in the saddle. I would have posted updates from the road, but the hotel I stayed in had some issues with their internet (it has been down for weeks). Nice… maybe they should pull all those fliers saying “Free high-speed internet in rooms” down. They should also look under their mattresses once in a while (I found a spoon with residue on it under mine… can you say “heroin”?).

Yakima was a lovely town… if you define “lovely” as a pitiful dirt hole. It was hot, people grew corn in their front yards (odd!), and there wasn’t much to do… so we entertained ourselves by sitting on the patio outside of our hotel room and watching the “beautiful people” at the pool. That’s of course, if you define “beautiful people” as portly trolls with hairy backs.

We ate some good food (Red Lobster, Black Angus), and some really, REALLY horrible food (at the Howard Johnson, our hotel).

For those who are curious on what central Washington looks like, I present to you the following images of desolation:

Don't break down! Don't break down

You probably want to make sure you have a full tank of gas and a reliable car before going through the miles and miles of not a damn thing. You’ll also want to pee before you leave, as it’s a good distance between places with toilet paper.

I’ll write something clever about the trip up later (or not).

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