Sexiest thing ever!

Verizon Wireless has a new phone coming to market.

As of August 7th, you will be able to get the LG Chocolate…. the sexiest phone on the planet.

The LG Chocolate - sexy beyond compare.

It looks like an iPod, it works like an iPod (you can copy wma files from your PC via a usb cable), and Verizon, responding to criticism, has dropped the $15 a month fee for the ability to do so.

Of course, I just got a Motorola RAZR in June, but I didn’t use my “Every 2” credit for my sons phone, so I’m thinking of seeing if I still can, buying this phone for myself, and giving my RAZR to him.


3 thoughts on “Sexiest thing ever!”

  1. I’m not a huge fan of “sliders”… they tend to get lose after a bit.

    But still… I could set my prejudice aside for this baby! It’s smokin’ hot sexy!

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