Tone Parsons

Buildings have armpits

My company purchased a building in Liberty Lake, WA.

We’ve been preping for the move for a while now, planning how large of a data center my department needs, the power and HVAC requirements, etc.

Yesterday, we went to the new building to see how the build-out is coming.

Walking through the place made me say “WOW!” about a million times. It’s truely amazing and so much better than the building that we’re in now (not that there’s anything wrong with the current one, the new one is just way nicer).

The data center is huge… about 3x larger than what we have now, I got my staging room (no more building servers in my cubilce), and or CNOC is also larger.  I wish I had taken my camera along (but then again, I didn’t know I was going until it was time to leave).
Then we went to where our cubes will be located.

Everywhere in the building, there are skylights and windows to let the sun in. The ceilings are high and the feeling is light and airy. Everywere, except where my groups cubicles are. We get 7′ ceilings (I’m 6′ 4″), no skylights, no windows. I have a feeling that after working in this area for a while, I might finish every sentance with “my precious“.

We move in to the hole in the middle of September.

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