Tone Parsons

Shock the monkey

We went to see the Spokane Shock play again last night.

This was the last of the playoff games. The winner of this game get to go to the ArenaCup finals on August 26th in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Of course, the Shock dominated the Arkansas Twisters (48-30)

Baldy, my sister, and their kidlet showed up at Casa de Tone early that day. We ate food, had a couple of “beverages”, and painted Baldy’s face again.

After the game, we all went back to my place for celebratory “beverages”. Baldy truely enjoyed his, and ended up face down on the carpet.

I had to test him to verify that he was actually passed out, and performed the following procedure:


Yup… he was out for the count. So, we rolled him onto his stomach, pulled his shirt up, and filled his navel with spray cheese (which my dog took great pleasure out of licking out).

Passed out people will giggle when you do that 🙂


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  1. Eve August 21st, 2006 12:52 am

    dude! atomic wedgie! EXCELLENT!

    (us Aussies delight at the misfortunes of the English, no matter what form they take)

    hee hee!


  2. Tone Parsons August 21st, 2006 7:26 am


    When Baldy looked at the images on my digital camera the next day, all he had to say was “Oh… that looks painful”. 🙂

    I feel kinda bad for posting that picture (I have a few more), but it was just too funny not to put out there.

    Also, mental note to self, never EVER pass out at Baldy’s house. Paybacks will most certainly be a bitch.