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Nature and news

I was outside at lunch, taking in the glorious day that today is, when I heard something loud from above.

It was a hawk (I believe it was a red tailed hawk), circling above the break area outside. While that in itself isn’t exactly news worthy (I live in the Pacific Northwest… we have wildlife galore!), what happened next is. The hawk in question let out a second cry and suddenly dropped what it had been holding in it’s talons (a killdeer… which tumbled the 80 or so feet to the ground). I then saw what was going on.

3 more hawks were converging on the first.

A drama of aerial combat began to unfold before me. Hawks swooping at each other and each trying to drive the other away. The prize was the killdeer on the ground (which hadn’t moved since it’s release and subsequent plummet to the earth). After about 10 minutes, the original hawk broke away from the fight and the other three drifted toward the west (still going at it).

I had to go inside for a customer call but returned 10 minutes later to see how it all worked out. The dead killdeer was gone and so where all the hawks.

I did try to take a few pictures with my camera phone, but they didn’t turn out.

Other news:

My plans to rule the world with an iron fist are back on again. We’ll see how it goes this time (hopefully with less smoke blown up my butt this time). Of course, I cant discuss it yet… but soon, very soon.

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