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The Spokane Shock win!

Spokane Shock are the Champs!

On Saturday, the Spokane Shock took on the Green Bay Blizzard for the title of Champion in ArenaCup VII.

After a tie in the 1st period, the Shock turned it around and won the game, 57 – 34.  This was no easy feat.  The Shock were missing several key players (Isaiah Trufant and Jerome Stevens were missing, and star player, Charles Frederick, was injured in the 1st period and out for all but one play afterwards).  Thankfully, the rest of the team stepped up and took charge (expecially Kevin Beard and Antwone Savage).
We didn’t go to the game (it was in Puerto Rico), but did watch the game on TV.  While not nearly as exciting as being there, it was still an amazing game!

And speaking of the TV broadcast… the quality of the picture and sound was horrible.  The arena down there was barely occupied (they should have held the game here in Spokane… we fill every seat for nearly every game!).

We are soooo buying season tickets for next year.  I’m hoping to get section 204, row A (first row of the balcony on the 25 yard line).  If not, we’ll try to hit the floor in section 104, as close as possible to the field.

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