Tone Parsons

Get a move on, little doggies!

My company purchased a new building in Liberty Lake, and the great purge (aka: toss that old shit out) is over, now the pack and go is upon us.

The first wave of people move there on monday. Lucky me… I go on October 2nd (which also happens to be my birthday… buy me something special, plsmktks!). This means we have until then to get the new data center ready, prep our current data center, and then move all the servers from one to the other with minimal downtime.


Of course, we’ve been working on the plan to make this happen smoothly for the past 3 months, so we’re totally ready to go. Servers start moving on monday.

Today, I was in the new data center, racking some OMG HOT HOT SEXXY IP based Raritan DKX432’s and some spiffy 19″ 2U rack mount LCD displays with keyboards and real mice.

Tomorrow’s plan… finish packing all the crap in my cube and prepare for the last weekend I’ll have off in quite a while.

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