Tone Parsons

An end to an era (well, for me anyway)

I came to the conclusion yesterday that I needed to stop doing something. For the past 11 years, I’ve authored another website, but it just isn’t what it was any more. So… I decided to shut down

I feel like I burried one of my children.

That site has been a huge part of my life for a long time. Some of it was funny, some was thought provoking, and some just filler.

Back when I started it, there were very few sites out there. It began in the fall of 1995 on a server at Eastern Washington Univeristy. I was vice president of the local chaper of the ACM (as I was a computer science major). One of the perks was that I would be able to create a website. There weren’t that many sites on the web back then… most didn’t have images, frames didn’t exist yet, and clever use of tables were the key to an interesting looking page. Getting my site indexed on Yahoo took 2 hours after I submitted it (back then, someone from Yahoo, a real human being, would look at the page and then email you back saying where they added it).

It began as “Tone Def’s Hopepage in Amazing 2D”.  Later it became “Bioland” (hosted by, and finally, in 1999, I purchased the domain name.  I still own the domain for a few years and will probobly renew for another decade when it expires (I’m just not ready to let go).

Perhaps it will return someday (my wife bet that it would be back up within 3 months… she knows how I feel about it).

Big thanks to Angie, Eve, Curtis, Scott, and all the rest who kept it going for so long… prodding me along when I fell behind.

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  1. Tom September 30th, 2006 8:48 am

    Ok so where do I send in all my whitewomanblackdog merchindise for a refund LOL Guess I will just have to come here from now on to be a smart ass ehhh? Thanks Tone I have enjoyed it very much!