Tone Parsons

And now… Round 4

I saw my neurosurgeon yesterday.

My leg has been going crazy with the sciatic bit for the past few months.  Actually… this time, it’s lets (plural).  I saw my doctor about it and he gave me a steroid pack and some pain killers (both of which I hate taking… but then again, I hate taking aspirin too).

The x-rays that the neurosurgeon took show that the fusion I had a while back is holding just fine (which is a damn good thing!), and he’s referring me to a physiologist (a doctor who specializes in nervous system disorders) for a nerve induction test.  Depending on the results of that, I head off for a MRI (which is apparently quite expensive… so they want to do all the cheap stuff first).

Joy upon joys!

In other news: I’m slowly finding everything in the new building here at work.  I now know where 4 bathrooms are!

I still need to rewire our data center (as it’s still a rats nest of cables), but I have a few days to get that done (and there are more pressing issues with customer access to certain things right now).

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