Tone Parsons

Welcome to the wonderful world of Monday!

The weekend has come and gone, and once again, it’s back to work.


It’s monday with a vengeance at work today. The lights in my area keep going off (I’m assuming they’re working on something). The build-out wasn’t finished when we moved in. Contractors are all over the place, building rooms, painting, wiring, etc. It makes for a loud and very stinky workplace (the glue they put down to hold the carpet is very overpowering!).

I am slowly getting settled in the new cubicle. This morning, I unpacked the last of my boxes. Of course the way I want to decorate it is up in the air, as they’re implementing new and very stringent guidelines now. Nothing can stick out above the cubicle walls (which are about 6′ or 1.83m tall) and we can’t cover the glass windows (you can see them behind my monitor in the “Live” feed).

Of course, me being… well, me, I have an evil plan. It involves corn.

I’m bringing in a large planter, filling it with dirt, and am going to attempt to grow corn in my cube. If all goes well, that should shoot up to over 6′ high. It’ll be interesting to see what they do (plants are allowed in the cube). If that goes well, I may grow pumpkins next year or perhaps wheat.

Yup…. non-conformity is my middle name!

And while I’m busy being a non-conformist, I’m waiting for my new hard drive to arrive. My home PC;s drive is being a bit prissy (it’s suddenly developed a ton of bad sectors and the SMART function is warning me that it’s about to die), so I ordered a lovely new 320GB SATA2 Seagate Barracuda to replace it with. I’ve been watching my tracking number for the shipment and it should be in the building at any minute.  Of course, that means that tonight’s game plan is to get that into the trusty home PC, format, and reinstall everythying (yes… backups of the old drive have been made, and I actually lost very little data).  Good times.

And finally, my plans to rule the world with an iron fist are once again on hold.  I’ll let you know when that’s back on (this is truely frustrating).

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