Tone Parsons

Friday the 13th

It’s friday the 13th…. in October! Oooooh… spooky.

Of course this would be the day that it would hit the fan at work. Customers want magic to happen, everyone who knows how to perform magic is out, and I’m scrambeling to get it done.


On the bright side, it’s still friday (regardless of the data) and my new hard drive (to replace the SATA drive I purchased last week) is in my hot little hands. I purchased the SATA drive to replace the dying hard drive in my PC. Much to my horror upon opening the case, I don’t have SATA capability (I could have sworn I did!). I guess an upgrade is in the works for me.

My new drive, a 320GB Hitachi Deskstar, is EIDE and will for sure work. I’ve never purchased a drive from Hitachi before, so hopefully it’ll give me good service (I’m a Seagate fan).

Update: I got the customer “insert magic here” thing with the help of Mr. TEC (aka: uber geek and god of all bytes and bits). It cost me a few cookies from the cafeteria, but was well worth it.



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  1. baldy October 14th, 2006 8:35 am

    I hope that since hitachi started manufacturing the ‘ deathstars ‘ they last longer. At work we had nothing but trouble with them failing after a couple of years hard use.

  2. Tone Parsons October 14th, 2006 12:44 pm

    That’s sooooo not what I want to hear.

    On the flip side, my old Samsung SpinPoint drive looks to still be under warranty…. so I may be able to RMA it. That’ll give me about half a TB of drive space.