Tone Parsons

Cranky pants

I’m in a mood.

I'm cranky... damn cranky!

My back is bothering me, I hate taking the damn hydocodone, nothing is working like it should at work, and it’s friggin’ cold in my cube.


I’m waiting for smething big…. I’ve been waiting for it for months now. They keep telling me that it’s coming, but it’s not here yet, and that makes me cranky too.

double meh

Meh Meh


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  1. Tom October 18th, 2006 12:34 am

    Congratulations! Yes you have been declared an enemy combatant. You have won a fabulous trip to the Southern tip of the Island of Cuba, all expenses paid of course, air fare supplied, as well as the black hood and plastic ties for your wrists!
    You also have won the right not to be represented by an attorney, nor the right to challenge your Cuban vacation in a court of law!
    There ya go Mr. Parsons. I hope this was the something BIG you have been waiting for. Feel better. Tom

  2. Tom October 18th, 2006 2:51 am

    A US history lesson for all please post where ever possible Thanks.
    More than half the nation thinks that most of Alaska is covered in ice and snow year-round. One out of every eight Americans believes the Last Frontier is a separate country or else doesn’t know that it’s a state.
    The first words that come to mind when asked about Alaska tends to be “cold, “snow” and “ice,” according to the poll results. Just 5 percent of Alaska is covered by glaciers, ice and snow, but 60 percent of those polled guessed that half to nearly all of the state is a frozen wasteland all year.
    As many people put the population under 250,000 as did those who said it was up to 2 million. A quarter of people who responded said they didn’t know. The actual number is 665,000, which just 15 percent got right
    The nation holds a romantic notion of Alaskans. Most described the people who live there as adventurous, rugged pioneers who like their freedom and the wilderness.Lower 48ers did better when it came to estimating the size of Alaska. More than a third gave the right answer, that the state is about one-fifth the size of the contiguous 48 states.

    The message, stay south of us, we get paid every year to live here. A precent of all the oil sold in Alaska goes to the people who live here in the form of a yearly dividend. This year every Alaska citizen recieved $1189.00 The less people that live here the more money I get every year ;). Imagine a State that is 1/5Th the size of the US as a whole, with less population than the city of Spokane WA. Wow Alaska what a country.