Missing grumpy old woman alert!!

The citizens of the internets need be on high alert! We are missing one of our own!

Eve, of Grumpy Old Woman fame has dissapeared!

Ack... Eve is missing!  Sound the alarm!!!

Of course, I have no idea what she looks like, so I had to make something up (though she provided this image at one point).

I suspect that she got caught up with “real life” in “actual reality” (two terms that don’t seem to affect me).

If found, please tell her to update her damn web page. I need entertaining!

7 thoughts on “Missing grumpy old woman alert!!”

  1. I have kidknapped her with Santa Clause! LOL Hummm I wonder what Eve bucks may look like LOL……OK all inside joke!

  2. bejesus!

    I DID post on your forum you bugger. Yeah, I’ve had some real life issues as well as a bad case of bloggers block and besides, I blogged like mad when you slacked off, and since you got your mojo back, I thought I’d take a rest 🙂

    Blogging is hard work when you have no life you know!


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