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Exploit a go-go

My son and I have been playing Battlefield 2142 quite a bit recently (yes… I’ve managed to unlock the whole left side of the support tree and am half way up the right hand side as well). It’s a great game.

Yesterday, we discovered 3 things.

  1. If you accumulate too many points too quickly, punkbuster will kick your ass of the server because it thinks you’re cheating (we weren’t, those darn enemies kept throwing themselves in our line of fire).
  2. There’s a very efficient way to take out the consoles on the titans (this happened by accident, we need to test it a little more before we tell you how)
  3. You can get into the enemy’s gen room without blowing up the consoles first (again, we need to test this some more as well).
I will shoot you in the face.

We’re going to test the second and third issue tonight on a local server, and if we can reproduce the results, we’ll probably notify EA games so they can patch it (while it’s fun to take the enemy by surprise, it sucks when people use exploits on a public server).

The 3rd issue is the one that concerns me the most. My son ended up in the enemy titan’s gen room quite by accident. He was running around looking out the windows. He could have blown the generator up if he wanted to and no one could have stopped him (as the consoles were still up and running so the doors hadn’t opened yet).

I am eagerly awaiting the 1.02 patch (which EA has promised soon). It should remove lag for when the smacktards decide to take the titans on a whirl-wind world tour as well as fix a few more issues.

Yup… I’m a geek.

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  1. PsychoDucky October 28th, 2006 6:31 pm

    I am a bush! 😀