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Yay, Firefox 2… they love you!

By now, anyone who’s ever been on the web (and that would mean you) has heard of firefox.

What surprises me is that more people aren’t using it.

Firefox 2.0 - It rocks!

With the release of Firefox 2.0 and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7, one thing is perfectly clear: Firefox is kicking much butt on the internets.

During the first 24 hours, just over 2 million copies of Firefox 2 were downloaded (that’s just over 23 downloads per second… PER SECOND!!). Compare that with the 0.5 million downloads of Internet Explorer 7 during it’s first 24 hours on the web, and you’ve got something that makes a company like Microsoft nervous.

Firefox is totally free, it’s a small download (5.6mb compared to IE7’s 14.8mb), and is very feature rich.

One of the new features in Firefox 2.0 that I love is the spell checker.

I’m famous for typos (as anyone who’s ever read this blog knows). Firefox has a spell checker built that shows errors on the fly (it marks them with a red underline). Simply right-click and choose the correct spelling and it takes care of it (you can also tell it to ignore the word or add it to your dictionary).

The tabbed browsing is similar to what it was in earlier versions, except the “close” icon is on each tab now, not on the tool bar (again… nice!).

Firefox kicks IE's butt

Internet Explorer 7 is better than IE 6, but doesn’t have all the features of Firefox. It does have tabbed browsing (like Firefox has always had), which is a first for Microsoft, but that’s about where the advantages end. Its annoying “anti-phishing” plug-in is pretty useless (any website that has a field you can fill in will trigger it) and it slows down how fast a page renders.

Of course, Microsoft decided to fix the numbers yesterday by making IE7 a “critical update” (yup… force feeding it to the unwashed masses… how sad).

So… chose your own destiny, download Firefox 2.0 now. RIGHT NOW! You’ll thank me later! 🙂

Download and install Firefox 2.0... do it now!


4 Comments so far

  1. Tom November 2nd, 2006 11:15 pm

    Microsoft hater! LOL Oh wait…….hummm where did I get my operating system HAHA LMAO Ok you convenced me firefox it is!

  2. Kimberly Griego November 3rd, 2006 6:22 am

    And, if you really must view something in IE, Firefox will let you quickly switch to the IE rendering engine without having to use the beast itself. Works for me!

  3. Eve November 3rd, 2006 2:21 pm

    I too LOVE the spell checker, especially for blogging. (Yeah, I know, I need to update BIG TIME. I just need to clear the cobwebs off my wordpress installation!)

    Firefox is hands-down better than IE. The tabbed browsing rocks, as well as the little built-in google search window. Oh, and don’t get me started on how IE renders (or doesn’t render) HTML. It’s enough to make a barely competent website owner turn to anti-anxiety medication.

  4. Tom November 5th, 2006 9:11 am

    Ok and on a pesonal note, just vote for a democrate and get the child molesting, corrupt, religious fanatic assholes who are currently in control out of control before we become the former USSR. ” Its better to hear a politician say ” I did not have sex with that woman’ (Bill Clinton) THAN ” I did not have sex with that child page” (Rep. Mark Foley) OR ” I bought Meth but I didnt use it while having sex with a homosexual prostitute” ( Rev. Ted Haggard )One of President Bushes religious advisors. Damn Republicans are making me look like a raging conservitive LOL!