It’s official

I just signed my job offer on the new position. I am the new Senior Web Developer at my company.

Happy DanceHappy DanceHappy DanceHappy DanceHappy Dance

The starting date is December 4th. Thats when I report to my new cubicle and start calling my new manager “Boss Man”.

Oh man… am I ever psyched!!

Insert my happy dance here!

Of course, since the position came with a very nice increase in pay, so my wallet is psyched too!

<insert happy dance>

6 thoughts on “It’s official”

  1. nice going Tone, who new playing around on a Holidex could lead to thus huh hehehe. 😉 Congrats Yes Tone made chatting on the intraweb popular before its time, which BTW, way increased the CHIP MONK piopulation in Spokane hahahahah!

  2. Hehe… the Holidex!

    For those who don’t know… way back in the 80’s, Holiday Inn hotels had something called the “Holidex”. Every Holiday Inn was connected via satellite for reservation purposes.

    One of the features of the Holidex was that you could send messages to other Holiday Inns on the network (sent either to the screen or to the printer).

    It became a huge chat server between front desk clerks.

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