Tone Parsons

I need a logo

Is this my new logo?

All good websites have logos.

While this site isn’t particularly good, it also doesn’t have a logo. Maybe that’s why it sucks! I need some sort of driving force behind the calorie free mental diarrhea that I dump onto the internets.

I’m pretty much fresh out of ideas (besides the image to the left).

So, with all that said, I’ll leave it up to you. Design me a logo and send it to me (and for you spammer bastards out there… this email address will only work for the few weeks, so forget about it!)

There is no prize, no cash reward, and sexual favors are totally out. What you will get is my undying adulation and a big ol’ honkin’ “Yo… look who made this!” on the website.

How could you possibly turn a deal like that down?

Get your creative juices flowing and design something for me! I’ll post everything sent in (well… so long as it isn’t totally offensive). Don’t have any skills beyond MS Paint? No problem… I can clean anything up. I just need ideas!

legal mumbo jumbo: By submitting a logo, you , you give me an exclusive site license to use the image any way I like, for as long as I like where ever I like. Yes, you basically become my bitch, but you like it that way.

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