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The joys of the one click install

My webhost is Dreamhost, and for the most part, they rock my socks.

Sure… they’ve had issues (power outages, routers sending packets into the ether, etc), but they seem to have gotten them under control and they do offer some truly beautiful features.

One of those wonderful features is the famous “One Click Install”. Need a blog? Just select it from the list, type in a few details, and click the button… it’s there in just a few minutes! How about a forum, or online store? Just click!

They also track updates, and when a newer version comes out, again… just click it and presto-chango…. you’re updated to the latest version.

How beautiful is that?

Well…. not so beautiful if you’re me, and you’ve done something stupid like heavily modify one of the 11 billion themes they give you. When you run the upgrade, the theme gets overwritten, and you’ve back to the basics.


Luckily, they also offer one last truly amazing thing…. snapshots!!

So… if you’re a smacktard like me and you went and deleted the domain.old folder that they created when you upgraded (so you can restore if you don’t like the upgrade), you can dig in to the snapshot they took 1 hour ago, or 1 day ago… or several days ago, and get your heavily modified css, sidebar, header, and footer back.


Thank you, Dreamhost! I love you!

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