Tone Parsons

The [PXLTHG] clan is kicking much ass.

My son and I have started a clan for BattleField 2142… Clan [PXLTHG].

Sure… it’s currently really just the two of us (though we have 3 other “tentative” members), but we kick much ass.

Well… my son kicks much ass… I’m just a bullet sponge. You can see my stats below (and my sons… he’s a brutal little bastard!!). Click the image to see the difference between him and I (I’m Bioland, he’s ChronoLynx).

Bioland Stats in BF2142 - suckin' it freestyle! ChronoLynx stats in BF2412 - yo... he'll make you take a dirt nap fo' sho'!

Currently, our favorite tactic in the city maps is to get on the rooftops and play a little game we like to call “Dodge the grenade, muthah fuckah!!”. In titan mode, we hit assault all hardcore and stuffs until our shields drop, then we’re huge on defense and can usually be found in corridor 2 giving the raiding party a very bad day.

Oh… and while I’m talking all game trash and stuffs, a little word of advice to those who haven’t got a damn clue…. no matter what you’ve heard in channel, pressing <ALT>-F4 WILL NOT give you a free unlock, it will only give the server a free spot for someone who’s not a dumbass to play on.



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  1. cody November 20th, 2006 11:59 pm

    Your stats look like mine. Lol

  2. Tone Parsons November 21st, 2006 8:41 am

    Yes… I pretty much suck.