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It’s nearly that time!

Christmastm is nearly upon us! I guess it’s time for me to roll out this years wish list for your favorite webmaster.

And before you race to the store… I already have the coveted red swingline stapler (thanks to Eve… I love her!!)

There's no place like

First on the list, the “There’s no place like” doormat ($39.99 at What better way to proclaim my geekness than to show it to the world.

Of course… no one else would get it, but that’s the beauty of it.

Fill the empty void in my life… order this for me!

Next up on the list of “OMG! I NEED THAT”…

Dead Like Me, Seasons I and II

Dead Like Me, Season I and Season II on DVD (around $36.00 each from

I love this show and have only seen season 1. I would sing songs of your glory if these were to magically appear on Christmastm morning!

Yes indeedy… I would spend the whole weekend doing a Dead Like Me marathon. Forget bathing or even clean clothes…. this would be my sole purpose for living.

New Order - Power, Corruption, and Lies - Substance

How about a couple of CD’s by New Order? Power Corruption & Lies and Substance are both hot on my list of the “must have”. You can get them online or at most any music store.

These are totally affordable (Substance is about $22.00 and Power, Corruption & Lies is around $11.00.

The gift of music always makes for a happy webmaster!

And finally… the gift of gifts…. the Samsung 46″ LCD HDTV (LN-S4695D)!!

Samsung 46

I would totally build a shrine in your honor if you blessed my living room with this thing of beauty. With a contrast ratio of 6000:1 and 1080p resolution…. I could watch all those Dead Like Me DVD’s in style! This bad boy is currently on sale at Circuit City for $2499.99!

Please love me!

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