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Toné and the bad techno machine

This morning started with a bang!


I got up at 6:30 this morning because I had an appointment with those wacky kids at Inland Imaging and their bad techno machine (aka: a GE Magnet Resonance Image machine, or MRI).

For those who have never had a MRI, I shall explain:

This is similar to the machine they stuck me in

They make you strip down and put on some flimsy pajama bottoms, then they make you lie on a hard metal surface and insert you into an incredibly tight space. You can’t move for 45 minutes. You have to wear ear plugs because it’s incredibly loud… and it’s hot in the tube.

After about 20 minutes of lying on your back, being unable to move, subjected to body shaking noise, and having the ceiling of the tube just a few inches in front of your nose (it’s perfectly smooth and white… so it’s difficult to even focus your eyes), they extract you from it, inject magnetic dye into your veins, and then shove you back in for another 25 minutes.

Of course, you cant move during the extract, jab, insert.

And, of course, you’ll have to pee after the first 5 minutes (even if you went to the bathroom right before you started).

Of course, I’ve had worse (ask me about my discogram sometime…. it’s the single most painful thing anyone will ever have to endure!!).

the Bunn NHBX brewer is all kinds of sexy!

At least I had a great cup of coffee before the appointment. I purchased a new Bunn NHBX brewer yesterday because I was sick of waiting 20 minutes for coffee to brew (the hard water in Spokane kills a normal coffee maker in about 6 months). From start to finish, a pot of wonderful coffee is now just 3 minutes away.

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