T-minus 3 days

I start my new position with the company on monday. That means I have today and two more to finish documenting everything I currently do (so the next guy isn’t as lost as I was when I started).

I’ve written around 150 pages so far, describing each task and process in detail, with screen shots where applicable. While they’re written with the assumption that the person who reads them has technical skills (ie: they can right click, know how Windows 2000 and 2003 work, etc.), they go through each task, step by step, and should be easy to follow by someone who’s never ever seen the application in question before.

At lunch today, the guys are taking me out to the White House in Post Falls, Idaho. It’s a greek themed restaurant where the primary ingredient in every dish is garlic. The food is amazing, the staff is friendly, and the prices are really good ($6 – $12 for the entree). It’s also my most favorite place in the whole world to eat!

Oh… and todays video: How to tell you’ve been married to long! (windows WMV, thanks for the file, Dad!) – I tried to embed it, but that didn’t work so you’ll just have to click the link.

8 thoughts on “T-minus 3 days”

  1. Mmmm, White House. The ‘Spring Bowl’ is really good (bed of rice, chicken, chick peas, red chili flakes, feta). Not on the menu but they’ll always make it.

  2. Married too long is pretty funny!

    You need to turn your head cuz I can’t see the bald spot =) You’ll be more energy efficient after you lose it all, you’ll be solar powered! peace, Gin

  3. Yes, moe flam, it was good.

    I had the chicken istanbul (a grilled chicken breast covered in peppers, onions, fetta, and garlic, served with rice).

    As for my bald spot, Virginia…. well… I don’t quite have one yet (but I’m still holding out hope). The cam used to be directly behind me, but with the move to the new building (and the new funky style cubicles), it’s now on the side.

    Perhaps I should change that from “watching my bald spot grow” to “watch me pick my nose”.

  4. I may be hereditary that controls it but lucky for you it comes from your Father’s Mother and not from your DAD! 😉

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