New day, new department, new title

It’s monday and everything has changed.

I went to bed as a Solutions Engineer and woke up this morning as a Senior Web Developer. I also woke up to a couple of extra bucks in the bank (well… in 2 weeks, anyway).

It’s my first day in the new department. I’m still trying to get my cube organized (as I moved from one side of the building to the other), and am trying to learn people’s names. My new manager isn’t here this week, but I’ve been told he’ll be here next week.

Hopefully I’ll know what the heck I’m supposed to be doing by then.


5 thoughts on “New day, new department, new title”

  1. Oh c’mon, you remember where you work right?? You’ll be forgotten about for a couple/few weeks, then thrown a bunch of shit your way to be done by next weeks staff meeting. Oh, and make sure it’s done to spec (yeah, the one you never got), or it’s your ASS!!

  2. Thanks all!

    My new boss did call me today (he’s on the east coast). He gave me a few things to look into until he flies in next week, so at least I have something to do now (like figure out Flex, write a new header file with SQL driven menus in Flash, and rewrite all the CSS for a huge internal site).


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