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It’s time for the obligatory post

Yes indeedy, I haven’t posted since last week, and I don’t have anything to write about, so it’s time again for a “filler” post.

But fear not, gentle reader, for I am the master of pulling a post directly outa my ass.

Secret Ninja Santa

We’re doing Secret Santa at work this week. The objective: give a few small gifts (4 – 5) in a week and a half period (inexpensive items, in the $1 – $5 range), then a large gift at a luncheon at the end. The goal: don’t let them figure out who you are.

So… you become a cubicle ninja. Sneak in silently, leave presents, vanish without a trace.

So far, so good for me. My Secret Victim hasn’t a clue who I am. Of course, it helps that she’s in training all week and isn’t in her cubicle most of the day.

My cubicle got hit this morning. My Secret Santa left me a paper mailbox full of pistachios and chocolate.

Pistachios are roasted in the shell and delicious. The reason they’re roasted and sold in the shell: to burn off calories while you open them. If they came without shells, we’d all be fat bastards in a hurry (because you’d just shovel them into your yap… they’re soooooo damn good!)

But I digress….

I purchased all the small gifts for my Secret Victim over the weekend and will strike her cubicle again tomorrow. I’m also planning another sojourn into the shopping madness that is the mall to attempt to find the perfect “final” gift. Hopefully I’ll locate something quickly as to minimize my proximity to the unwashed masses.

Oh… and in totally unrelated news: the Clan [PXLTHG] website is nearly complete. I have a CSS tweaks to do yet, but I’m pretty happy about how it looks. If you play Battlefield 2142, look for us online!

And there you go… I made a post (which is better than some people are doing).

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  1. alaskaman December 12th, 2006 12:48 pm

    LOL I thought this post smelled familar!